The comeback of Maple Bacon

Ohhhh, the story of Maple Bacon is still a favorite. But let’s go to the beginning. Maple Bacon came into rescue when her mama and litter mates rejected her. She was the runt, and as often happens in nature, she was attacked by her mama and bullied by her sibling. She arrived shortly after being bitten in the head by her mama. She had eye issues and was quite unsteady on her feet. But she was such a fighter and such a love.  She had no intentions of having anything less than an enchanted life. 

I bet you’re wondering about her name.  Her foster mama asked a very young friend to help with a name. The answer was Maple Bacon, because everyone knows maple bacon is the best thing in the whole wide world. Well, with her fortitude and all that love and care supporting her, Maple Bacon did grow up to have the bestest life she possibly could, a happy healthy life! 

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