Get Involved

We are so excited that you stopped by! There are so many ways that you can get involved with Healing Hearts Rescue. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our rescue and we are so grateful for the time and efforts of each one.

​If you are passionate about our mission and vision, we'd love to have you on our team. More volunteers means more hearts healed!


Fostering is the heart of our organization, as without fosters, we cannot save the dogs that are in desperate need of our help. For many of our dogs, your gift of fostering truly saves their lives. There is no greater satisfaction or rewarding experience than to watch a rescue dog blossom into a wonderful pet due to your own generosity and personal commitment to change his or her life forever.

Fostering for Healing Hearts Rescue is 100% free. We will provide all the necessary supplies and veterinary care while you focus on giving the dog the love, exercise and training it needs to be one step closer to adoption.

Please change a life today by applying to foster! We look forward to adding you to our rescue family!


Healing Hearts Rescue depends on volunteers like you to make our mission come to life. We are always looking for more volunteers. The best part about being a volunteer with HHR is you can volunteer as it fits your schedule and devote as much or little time as you want.

Volunteer duties come in all shapes and sizes. Some opportunities include doing home visits, call/email reference checks, help coordinate fundraising efforts, fostering dogs in need, transporting dogs (around the metro or long distance transport), data entry, record keeping, etc. The list goes on and on.

Heal A Heart Membership

Support saving lives all year round by becoming a monthly donor. You choose an amount you would like to contribute to Healing Hearts Rescue and your monthly contribution will be automatically debited from a credit card or bank account. It is a convenient and simple way to give that allows you to maximize your support with manageable donations each month.