Gabe’s amazing journey…

Gabriel came into rescue after being removed from his owners, who were drug addicts. Gabe’s life had been lived in a kennel, never let out for potty breaks or exercise. When Gabe arrived in rescue, he was barely alive, having been nearly starved to death. His body was covered in sores where the urine and feces he was forced to lay in had burned through his skin. He had re-feeding syndrome, so needed to be fed tiny meals as often as 8 times a day, so that his body could learn to process nutrition again without being overwhelmed. For 6 weeks, Gabe received the specialized care he needed to get back on his feet. Once he was strong enough, he was able to move into a foster home and learn to live the life he deserved. He finally had a chance to learn how to be a dog, to be a loved member of a family. 💜

Now Gabe is strong and healthy and waiting for his forever family. He is a loving, playful, generous boy who finds joy in every day. We hope that one day soon his forever family will find him. We are grateful for all the people who supported, and continue to support Gabe on his amazing journey. We love you, buddy!!

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