HHR and Pilots N’ Paws to the rescue

A heartwarming rescue success! Grateful for the support that made saving Momma Beagle and her puppies possible. Triggered by a grainy picture of a pregnant, abandoned beagle, our team sprang into action. Rescued near the Arkansas border in Missouri, Momma Beagle and her “few” puppies turned out to be a surprising eight, all struggling with skin conditions, ticks, and intestinal worms.

After a week of humane trapping, Pilots N’ Paws flew them from Missouri to Blaine. In their foster home, the pups received medicated baths, dewormer, and tick medication, starting their healing journey. Momma, safe with her babies, exhibited unparalleled dedication, regurgitating meals to feed them until they were 12 weeks old. Eventually, all the puppies found loving homes, and Momma Beagle was adopted into a caring family.

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