This is Star!

Star arrive at our partner rescue pregnant. She had been homeless, but was being cared for by some loving nuns. They reached out to rescue to get her the help they knew she needed and couldn’t provide. The search for a foster-based rescue began. Boarding at the vet clinic was safe, but loud and a little overwhelming given her condition. She waited so patiently for someone to step up and give her a home where she could have her pups. She waited and waited as weeks passed. Then one of our amazing Healing Hearts foster families said the magic words, “We’ll take her!”. So we reached out right away and said, “Send her on the next transport. Tell her she can have her babies in a real home.” She came into rescue late on a Saturday night. It was a very long day and she was happy to get off that transport. She got to her foster home at about 10:00 that night. At 4:30am, the puppies started to come. Fast forward to 4 hours later and Star is a mama to nine beautiful babes! Was the timing a lucky break? Or was she waiting until she had a place? We’re so grateful to her incredible foster family for giving this precious family, our first Healing Hearts puppies born into rescue, the welcome and home they deserve.

We can’t do this work without you. You are rescue.

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