Gracelynn, our sweet little tripod.

Gracelynn came to us as a stray from Missouri. Such a love, but with a “wonky” leg. We worked with the vet on a number of different treatment plans, but we couldn’t get that leg to work right. Eventually, we were able to determine that it was causing her pain. She just didn’t want to show it. When we told the fosters we needed to remove the leg, they were upset. It’s okay, we told them. Dogs do very well with three legs. Still, it seemed so extreme and they were worried. They loved their precious girl. Trust us, we told them, and they did.

Gacelynn’s leg was removed as soon as we could get it scheduled. And the very next day, there she was, standing at the top of her favorite perch, just as she had always done. Tripawed extraordinaire!!! 

Removing a leg isn’t too hard on a dog. But it is hard on a bank account. Gracelynn is pain free in her forever home, thanks to the generosity of our donors! Thank you!!


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