Miss Molly Bee who beat cancer

Meet Molly Bee.  This precious girl came to us from a Reservation in South Dakota. Happy and friendly, she waited in her foster home for her vetting to be done so she could find her forever home. Well, this happy girl did just that. But just before she was to be adopted, we discovered that she had a venereal tumor.  Yep, this sweet, less than two year old girl had cancer. What a devastating blow. There was good news, though. The type of cancer she was diagnosed with has a 99% cure rate, with appropriate chemotherapy. But at $600-$800 per session, with at least 5 sessions needed, the cure was going to be very expensive. 

This story is such an important one. Without the generosity of our donors, we would have had to let this beautiful girl go. But, because of your donations we are able to treat and cure dogs like Molly Bee.  Molly’s tumor is gone now, and she is almost done with her last round of chemo. Then she will be cancer free! If you ever wondered if your donation really makes a difference, Molly Bee says “YES! Thank you for my life!”

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