Sully & Talia survive the parvo virus.

Sully’s skin and coat were in terrible shape, completely matted and open wounds covering large portions of his body from the mats pulling at his skin and mange. He had a tail fracture that likely happened as a baby and never had a chance to properly heal. This big fluff ball was in need of a lot of TLC.

Talia came in to rescue nearly skin and bones and already displaying early signs of illness. She was very withdrawn and likely exhausted from trying to survive. 

We hoped she would bounce back with some food and rest but we were unfortunately confronted with a Parvovirus diagnosis. 

Parvo is a virus that attacks rapidly dividing cells, most of which are found in the digestive system. It is commonly seen in young and unvaccinated puppies and dogs. It makes it impossible for the puppy to retain nutrition from food or water by stripping the intestinal walls and not allowing them to keep anything down. Most puppies and dogs with this diagnosis will perish from starvation and organ failure if not rescued and supported. The virus is so powerful that sometimes, we lose them even with the best of efforts. 

Talia had several touch and go moments in her early days of the virus but we were able to pull her back from the brink with love and care and her own determination to survive. Her foster brother Sully stuck with her and comforted her through her illness and recovery and I believe it made all the difference for her. 

In foster care these pups underwent a lot of TLC and even more bathes before we started to see the last bits of dirt leave their coats and their bodies get a chance to recover and thrive. 

These two pups came into rescue early in the year, when it was still cold and snow storms were still looming around each corner. It’s likely they both would not have survived without the kind hands that lifted them out of the dirt and into a transport van. As we head back into cold months I’m reminded of all the pups who will desperately need help out of the cold and into caring hands to survive. 

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